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Whitewater kayaking on Intermediate whitewater kayak course of Soca Rider in the Soca valley

  • Would you like to come up your whitewater kayaking skills?

    We will help you on our whitewater kayak course! Let's improve your river running skills!
    Soca river is a one of the best place work on it. We can start with spring whitewater kayak course, thanks for the warm climate of the valley. If you paddle Class 2, but you are not confident with paddling Class 3, your place is here. After a couple of hours practice, you will manage and after a couple of days you will kayak!

    Half day whitewater rafting on Soca river, in Bovec, Slovenia

    • Recommended for whitewater paddlers who already have whitewater kayaking experience (have done already course)
    • Number of active days: it can be 2-3-4-5 days dependes on your choice!
    • Duration: 2,5-3 hours on river /lesson
    • Difficulty: easy and medium difficulty, technical whitewater WW 2-3-4
    • Group size: max. 4-5 people/ instructor
    • Available: 15th of March till 31st of October
  • On our intermediate whitewater kayak course we are focusing to have the basic boat handling skills, safe practice and a lot of fun, regarding for equipment and the natural environment.

    We learn the basics of the safe and fun river running on class 2 and 3 sections of the Soca:

    • How to use draw strokes
    • How to use stern rudder
    • How to use torso rotation
    • Eddy turns
    • Pill outs
    • Ferry glidings
    • River running
    • More about safety

    Let's take your easy whitewater skills to more difficult on the second part of the lessons. Obstacles like waves, rocks will be encountered.
    For practicing we choose easy and medium whitewater sections of the Soca.

    • Pill outs in stronger current
    • Eddy turns in stronger current
    • Continuous river running
    • S turns
    • Surfing in small waves
    • Swimming in easy rapids
    • Basic river reading

  • Safety on whitewater kayak course

    We give an overview of river features and hazards and offer practice swimming in whitewater. Safety is one of the most important thing during the whitewater kayak lessons. It is never enough to talk about it.

    We think, a gradual development is the statute of whitewater kayaking education. Although people are different, there is always a chance to get scared in a rapid, if it is too big for our technical knowledge, preparedness. It is a big mistake to take away the incentive of an enthusiastic kayaker.

    So, one of the statutes of our whitewater kayak course is to give you gradually more and more difficult exercises and paddle more and more difficulty rapids. It does not matter if you are advanced, or a beginner, the system is the same.

    Number of participants

    We do not like to mix the beginner and the advanced kayakers on our whitewater kayak courses. We start the intermediate whitewater kayak lessons with 2-6 people. This is the group size, which is safe and can be controlled by the kayak instructor.


    We always practice the basic technics with intermediate kayakers on flat or easy whitewater, after we practice more on more difficult river section (Class 2). With advanced kayakers we first practice on easy whitewater, after we do whitewater kayaking on Class 2-4 rapids.

    Swimming in rapids

    To swim and flip sometimes is part of the game. Everybody is swimming or flipping sometimes. You do not have to be afraid of it, it is possible to swim safely between to rocks of the rivers. To learn how to swimm in rapid is necessery.

  • Allright, so I gave my girlfriend a kayak experience in what looked like to be a wonderful Soca River from pictures I have seen online as a christmas gift. We went there in may and it was worth the wait. The nature it self is simply astonishing and to go through the mountains in a kayak was simply awesome and alot of fun. We took the beginner package that sad to say ended too quickly. This because when you are having fun, time flies by fast. The instructors and staff of Soca Rider were alot of fun, friendly, relaxed and competent. The instructor we had was really good and besides having fun, we also learned alot of how to conduct a kayak in a river. We are already planning to return next year for a longer time in Bovec, to concentrate more on kayaking, as this experience was a part of a weekend in Slovenia.


    3-day intermediate kayak course. I really enjoyed the kayak course. The instructor was very helpful and always patient with me. He was able to understand the weak points of my whitewater kayaking skills. At the same time, he tried to push me further in order to improve my skills. I think that worked very well. Many thanks to Soca Rider! I will come back!


    Best Instructor Janez, And Best service! Excellent patience with The students. Excellent equipment. All days was On time with No waiting. Fantastic Company.


  • [yt_youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zd_JheHf5zU&feature=youtu.be" width="600" height="400" responsive="yes" autoplay="no" ] Best white water rafting tour in Bovec! [/tab_item]
  • Whitewater kayak course is available:
    From 15th of March until 31th of October
    Kayak courses start
    9am, 2pm
    Required minimum participants
    Kayak courses start with minimum of 2 people from 15th of March till 31st of May, 3 people from 1st of June till 31st of August!

    Kayak course Price
    2 days Kayak lessons 130 €
    3 days kayak lessons 190 €
    4 days kayak lessons 250 €
    5 days kayak lessons 300 €

    The price includes:

    • Hours / lesson 2,5-3 hours
    • all necessary equipment
    • River permit
    • Transportation between Bovec and Soca river
    • Free pictures
    • video analyse
    • EPP diplome (5 days course)
    You can reserve your Whitewater kayak course with 20% of deposit payment, what you can do with credit card payment on our website.

Intermediate whitewater kayak course on Soca river, in Slovenia